Saturday, November 04, 2006

High Five!

Nothing I can say about this movie would be funnier than the actual movie itself. You must just go see it. Please, see it. Please. Every time you think about going to see Borat, but don't, a baby dies somewhere. Think about that when you think about not seeing it.
Go see Borat. Now!

4 pipers piping:

penelope said...

Whoa. Seriously?

I saw all this hooplah this morning on the Today show, about how it's only showing in like, a third of the theaters, and yet is number one. Who knew.

Am I allowed to Netflix it instead?

Kurt said...

If you Netflix it, a baby doesn't feel well somewhere.

penelope said...

OMG, that's why K.Lo has a cold! Damn that Borat.

Variant E said...

Too funny, wasn't it? He's raised my bar on being politically incorrect!