Monday, October 02, 2006

Was Blind, But Now I See

I feel it my civic duty to inform you all about 39 Dollar Glasses, an insanely awesome website that, as indicated by it's catchy name, provides glasses-- frames and lenses-- for $39. For real.

My friend Denise's husband turned me onto it about a year ago, but for some reason I put off actually using it-- possibly because the idea of $39 dollar glasses is so mindblowingly savage that to even contemplate it for longer than 30 seconds is to risk madness-- until last week, when I realized, after a year or so of wondering, that my evening headaches are actually caused by my super weak glasses. So, I went to the site, ordered the glasses using my prescription card, and now I have totally awesome new glasses, and they only cost me thirty-nine dollars.

(That, by the way, is not a picture of me wearing the new glasses, but rather of me holding up a cutout of what the new glasses would look like, as you can actually print life-sized pictures of the glasses to see what they look like on your face, which I did a few weeks ago before taking the plunge, hence the long hair. I suppose I could have taken a picture of myself actually wearing the real glasses, as I am doing so right this very second, but I am feeling lazy, and my teeth hurt, and I'm wearing a bandana-- all of which are colluding against me showing you the real deal. But seriously, check out the cut-out job Marita did on those babies. She's like a scissors machine!)

Anyway, despite the fact that I am acting like a paid endorser of 39 Dollar Glasses, I am totally not. I'm more just a person who enjoys sticking it to those bastards at Lens Crafters, who tricked us all into thinking that glasses, for some reason, need to cost $300.

However, if 39 Dollar Glasses were to happen onto this site, and see my glowing endorsement, and agree to give me free glasses for life, that would be totally acceptable. I don't say no to eyewear.

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Kurt said...

What about shipping and handling?!

Variant E said...

At 43 I had 20/20 vision. At 45 I now am a bit fuzzy with reading close up. What the hell happened?? I refuse to give in yet; I think I'll wait until I hurt myself...

Rebecca said...

I tried it! This site is the best!
One thing though, is that it's not actually easier than LensCrafters (besides the annoying salespeople):
It seems eyeglasses just aren't meant to fit my monstrously big head. And cutting out the frames? Impossible. I left so much white paper around the frames that, not only did it look like I was wearing children's glasses, but it also looked like someone had hit me in the face with a cream pie.

"D"enise's "H"usband Philipsen said...

Hey! I have a name, you know. I don't go by D. H.'s "Chris". "Die Packers Die" also works.

C. D. Philipsen

Jim said...

"The Packers, The"?

Kim said...

Chris Philipsen is a sassy bro.

There, is that better?

discount prescription card said...

i got mine, amazing ones for 200 bucks but they broke so im looking for new cheap ones for now because i rarely ever wear them, you think theyll last about 3 months? will they ask for a prescription card?


Kim said...

Mine have lasted for a year now, but they will need to know the numbers on your prescription card, which they'll verify with your doctor. There's another site, though, called, that doesn't verify your prescription, has an even better selection, and is even cheaper! The glasses aren't quite as high quality, but the lenses are cut well and they look cute.